About Venture Crew 27

About Us

Venture Crew 27 was started in November 2010, by two girls and the first seven Eagle Scouts from Boy Scout Troop 27. In that time, Crew members have gone whitewater rafting, snow camping, cruised on a sailboat, went cave exploring and climbed Mt. St. Helens. The time commitment depends entirely on the youth members and their interests.

What Is Venturing?

The Venturing program is a high-adventure, youth led, co-ed program for young men & women ages 14 - 20 years old. The focus is on Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth and Service to the community.

The youth members define the type of program they want, based upon their personal interests, which can include hiking, camping, mountain climbing, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, target shooting, mountain biking, canoeing and more. Some Crews choose to focus more on social gatherings, but it's up to them as to the program theme they want to follow.

The youth members learn leadership skills through their roles in the Crew, which helps prepare them for the challenges of life, and future leadership opportunities.

Venturing also offers an advancement program, where the youth earn recognition awards for completing various requirements and activities.

What is Venturing?

• Members are young men & women aged 14 - 20 called Venturers
• Venturing units are crews
• Venturing adults are advisors
• Youth leader is president
• Crews can select one of five interest areas

Interest Areas

• Outdoor
• Sports
• Arts and Hobbies
• Sea Scouting


What Does Venturing Offer?

• New advancement opportunities for boys interested in going beyond Eagle
• Recognition for those boys and girls who may have dropped out of
“traditional” Boy Scout and Girl programs
• Activities with young men & women their age
• New leadership training specifically designed for them
• An advancement program that requires that they share what they have learned

What do Venturers Want?

• Consistent adults that “walk their talk”
• Character and ethical education outside the classroom
• Positive role models, male and female
• Opportunities to become proficient at a variety of skills
• Leadership opportunities


Venturing is an exciting new program designed to keep youth involved in Scouting for as long as possible.  Venturing provides a program that will attract young people who left the more traditional Scouting or who have never experienced Scouting before.

Some additional resources:

What Is Venturing? (pdf)

Western Region Venturing

Venture Crew #27 Founders - First meeting, November 15, 2010

Contact Us for more information about VenturingJohn Ohlson
Committee Chair & Founder
Venture Crew 27
Pacific Harbors Council
Contact Us if you are interested in joining Venturing, and we'll send you some information about Venturing in Gig Harbor.

On November 10, 2010, Venture Crew 27 Executive Officer John Ohlson rings the 'New Unit' bell, noting a new unit has been formed in the Pacific Harbors Council.